Back to the Write Idea?

So, the more that technology surges ahead, the more it seems to mimic the tools of the pre-digital age.
A good example is how the Smartphone industry is now embracing the basic ballpoint pen. Samsung has taken the lead with the Galaxy Note, which includes a digital, pressure-sensitive “S Pen”, allowing you to create a personal message in your own handwriting. You can also draw a picture, or add to an existing photo or map. You can then share them just as you would a standard text message. And if you choose, it will even convert your hand-written notes into text.
Just another passing fad in the world of accessories? Maybe. But Samsung seems to have done the right thing by making it appeal to a variety of consumers. They’ve reached the business market with the Polaris Office S Pen, letting you annotate PowerPoint presentations. And the S Memo Lite lets you take notes directly on screen during phone calls. But they’ve even made gamers happy by making apps like crossword puzzles and word searches feel more authentic when they’re played with a digital pen.

So for a GWH W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop?)—  knowing it can creatively enhance the messaging experience for both the sender and the receiver, I think I’ll give it a win-win all around.


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