Kentucky Fried Confusion

In the latest spot for KFC, two cool looking dudes pull up to the drive-in window in their 70’s muscle car, bopping and grooving to some classic soul. But where are they, and when is it? The building says “Kentucky Fried Chicken” on it rather than KFC, so we can assume we’re in the past. They order two chicken pot pies, seeming rather mellow and self-satisfied about it (I’m guessing there’s more in their ashtray than just Winstons). The announcer tells us about KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pies, and that they are a signature recipe. But he doesn’t say “Back by popular demand” or “Just like we made in the 70s” so I also assume that this is just some new item.

Okay, I don’t eat at KFC anyway, and I wouldn’t think a steaming hot chicken pot pie would be something you could easily eat in your car, but what I really don’t get is: why the 70s? I was around back then, and remember the decade for many things, but Chicken Pot Pies? Weird if you ask me. If this is supposed to connect to “people my age,” it doesn’t. Does it to you?

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