When Drinking and Marketing don’t mix.

This didn’t go down so well either.

Not really sure this needs much commentary beyond “what the heck were they thinking?”  Belvedere Vodka AdWe all know and expect liquor advertising to push the envelope on being edgy and sexy, but this ad is neither edgy nor sexy.  Making light of sexual assault is downright disturbing and irresponsible.

This ad for Belvedere Vodka was posted on Facebook and Twitter this past Friday.  By mid-afternoon it was taken down due to the massive outrage it caused.

While the ad came down quickly and the company issued the obligatory and rote apology (and even announced their intention to donate to women’s support cause – which one, they didn’t say) it really didn’t seem to go far enough to make right of this awful ad and decision to place the ad.

A little common sense goes a long way, apparently, no one bothered to apply it the day the decision was made to move forward with this ad. This is beyond a GWH W.T.F.*( Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award FLOP. This is marketing gone bad.

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