You’ll never forget the milk again.

SuperValu appKudos to SuperValu! It’s not often that a retail grocery chain gets props (especially mine) for being forward thinking, but this one is really a consumer dream! Check out their new app — does all the expected things like retail location identification. But the thing that makes it sing for me is the shopping list function — whenever, wherever and across devices, an entire family can help build the list. I see it going something like this: Running around during my day, random thought pops in, “Oh $#!, I forgot to get laundry detergent!” Pull out my phone and add it. Hubby at home finishes last drop of milk. Goes to laptop, accesses our family list, adds it. Reading magazine in doctor’s office. See recipe I like, but know I do not have one of the ingredients. Again, have phone, can add. It can even be used to scan barcodes in my pantry and add those items to the list.

Love it, love it, love it. Consumer friendly. Great way to encourage loyalty (who wants to deal with multiple lists?) And sure beats the crumpled pieces of paper thrashing around in my purse! I give this a GWH W.T.F.* (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER Award! Now if only there was a SuperValu banner store around me.  (Hey Stop & Shop! You’re pretty progressive. Catch up!)

Source: Promo Chief Marketer 3/22/12

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