A whole new meaning of “Experiential!”

Alzheimer's WeekHaving had the good fortune to visit Israel almost exactly one year ago, one of the things that amazed me – beyond the obvious incredible experience of seeing so many ancient sites with so much historical and religious significance – was the modernity, not just of Tel Aviv, but of the society as a whole. So it didn’t surprise me when I recently came across 2 fascinating campaigns, done by Israeli agencies, that demonstrate the power of “experience” in communicating a message.

To spread the word about Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) during International Alzheimer’s Awareness Week, the Israeli Alzheimer Association switched movies in the largest movie theater chain in the country, so that patrons would feel for a minute or two, the disorientation and confusion that people with AD deal with every day.  After spilling the beans, people understood the feeling, which wasn’t lost on Press and social media outlets. Wow.

In a separate effort, people were made to feel the pain of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) by being exposed to a 1-second Youtube video PSA, that had to be clicked/watched over and over again to read the message.  With virtually no budget, the International OCD Foundation got their message across, again without telling the story, but by having people feel what it was like. Great job Israel!

Think this approach can be powerful for brands as well as causes? I do!

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