Does Technolgy Trump Talent, Again?

In our new digital world there is more bad news for photographers. Smart phones, have incredible cameras, new versions of talented tablets are coming out non-stop, and there are apps for everything,… now including photo manipulation at your fingertips. This latest trend in the Netherlands will probably have our dear photographer friends shaking in their clogs.

Check out ishopshape’s StyleShoot . They describe it as “a complete all-in-one photo system that includes all the hardware and software needed to produce product images ready for marketing purposes quickly and with ease.”  Items are placed onto a backlit photo table; previews of the shots can even be viewed on your iPad.  The output? High res images on a plain white background, ready for cropping and inserting.

Sounds pretty cool and certainly fast. Would undoubtedly save agencies money by doing so much outsourced work in house, and the system can be purchased or leased month to month. But will it really look the same as photographed in a studio by a real human being? Guess time will tell…


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