Bringing Down the Pink Slime.

The power of social media is nothing new. It has been credited with providing the tools for a revolution and to help send  a malign revolutionary dictator on the run. It can shine a very BIG and BRIGHT spotlight on social issues and spread through the internet like wildfire.

Recently the whole pink slime issue spread via the power of social media with the help of celebrity endorser, Jamie Oliver and helped to revolutionize the meat industry.

While this ingredient has been around for years, it wasn’t until it got a nasty nickname with disgusting photos passed from post to post and tweeted and re-tweeted, causing a consumer outcry. This then led to a mass exodus by major grocery retailers and fast food restaurants–all banning the ingredient. Now, Congress is calling for the banning of pink slime’s use in schools.

The result? With demand down, the manufacturers of the pink slime ceased operations. Further evidence of the power of social media–potent enough to take on the meat industry creating a domino effect to wash pink slime down the drain.

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