Pay to Party

ZokosI think I just came across an interesting way to actually NOT hesitate-border-on-whine-about having to host or  having to go to dinner parties. And it’s called ZOKOS.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not “anti-get together”. But inevitably, there are negatives on all sides. Here’s what I mean: For me, I prefer to host in my own home. But there’s a limit to that, because, let’s face it. It’s costs a lot of money to host. When invited out, one way or another, there can be “issues.” Either the host says “Oh no, bring nothing,” and I feel bad so I bring something anyway. (Random expense). Or it’s “pot luck,” and as far as I can see, 6 people just spent s—tloads of time shopping and cooking, when that might not have been the intent.

So, enter ZOKOS. A syndicated way for people to chip in a little to help facilitate get-togethers. Pretty self-explanatory when you check it out.

I’m sure some will say, “Ohhh, tacky.” But I think I would much rather contribute a few bucks most times than yet another bottle of wine or baguette (even though my supplier is the best — check out Isabelle et Vincent in Fairfield, CT. Best baguettes outside of France). Let’s see how the world judges. 77 people “Like” it right now. Will have fun watching the progress…

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