Bravo!… sorry, TNT!

I always followed the belief that one’s work can only be as good as one’s client allows it to be. That said, I came across a video showing the arrival of cable TV Channel TNT to Belgium, the land of Tin Tin and Stella Artois beer. Obviously, this old European country was ready for an awakening. And awakening it received! Created by a local Belgian Agency, this flash mob/action park adventure promo takes place in quaint Flemish town where life flows at, probably, the same speed it did a century or two ago. Except, there’s was a red button installed when every one was asleep in their cute little Belgian homes… And then someone pushed the button… OMG!!! What happened after will be remembered for, at least, one generation of the villagers. Check this out to see it for yourself.

Everything was executed perfectly and timed for the unveiling of TNT’s banner! Sooo cool and inspiring! What’s your favorite moment of the video? I have mine :)

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