Superhero Envy

Comic Book Art ImagesYes, now you can be a superhero, too! With the Marvel’s new movie “The Avengers” ready to be released in May, the stores are loaded up with toy Hulks, mini-Thor’s, Spiderman underwear, and Ironman masks galore, as expected.

But there’s a new game in town this time around. The Comics Factory, a new online service licensed by Marvel, offers custom creations, morphing a person’s headshot and the superhero’s body. (Oh if that could be reality!)  The company uses the photo you supply to illustrate “a custom hand-drawn masterpiece. Portraits start at only $110.00 and you receive a proof within 3 days of ordering. Once approved, a complete comic portrait will be created, printed on museum quality canvas or paper and send out for delivery.”

I think it’s a pretty unique marketing spin on a classic comic book art form that never seems to go out of style.  But $110 to become a Superhero? I guess if I got superpowers to go along with it!

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