Half Caf Low Fat Texting

Text for CoffeeI am not a huge fan of texting, and it is a subject of occasional friction between my daughter and I. Let’s face it, she has a richer social life than me, and it possibly makes me envious. Or not.

That was until a few days ago when I “discovered” a perfect justification for texting, beyond talking about my every planned move and thought. A Seattle-based cloud texting start-up (Zipwhip) invented a “Textspresso” machine to promote their services. What can it do?
The machine (built and programmed in-house) will accept orders for basic coffee drinks from remote text orders. Soon, machine will be able to print names on top of cream layer using edible ink. This way your coffee will be easily identifiable when you walk into store. It’s a shame we still don’t have one on the Eastern border… perhaps soon. Or, maybe, we can do one better – a Textpizza machine??? A New York-style hot dog text- ordering???

Now we’re talking useful!

Source: KOMO 4 News

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