Soap for Cell Phones? Sign Me Up!

Being a self-proclaimed “germaphobe,” who knows the kind of disgusting germs that can be found on any cell phone, I was thrilled to hear that there is a new ultraviolet device being produced to clean cell phones.

A US company called PhoneSoap has designed a box that sanitizes a cell phone while it’s charging. It only takes about 5 minutes to totally sanitize the phone, with no heat or liquid. “With a short wavelength that is 99.9 percent effective at killing bacteria and viruses, UV-C light is completely safe for humans,” PhoneSoap’s Utah-based maker says. (Psst: The box can be pre-ordered for August delivery.)

I think it’s a creative, much-needed product and a GWH (W.T.F. —Winner, Toss Up, or Flop) Winner in my book! I’m already on the waiting list!

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