Ford Pinball Park

I love all the creative ways companies are using outdoor media to get attention and sell their brand’s features. It seems like there’s always something new going on on the jumbo screen at Times Square, or a modified flash mob at a park, or a surprise holiday musical number at the local mall. Ford recently executed an ingenious one to communicate a technical feature in an especially interactive manner.

Paris, known for the Eiffel Tower (among other sensations), narrow streets, and bad drivers, was the perfect spot for Ford Europe to demonstrate their Active Park Assist Technology in a very creative way!

Available for the first time in the Ford Focus, the system actually parks your car for you. To demonstrate, they looked for the worst “parker” in Paris by setting up a very tight spot on a main street, rigging the 2 cars on either side of the spot with sensors, and setting up a huge screen that converted the back and forth banging of the 2 cars into a pinball game, in live time (!).  Called “Pinball Park”, the parking maneuver was rated from “Clumsy” to “Monster.”  After the worst parker as determined, he was intercepted and given the new Ford Focus with the parking system to see for himself how it works.

I would expect a lot of video views and press for this campaign. Nice job Ford!

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