What a Gift

Divorce Gift CardDiscounts and promotions sometimes get an awful reputation. But let’s face it, they exist because they work. They work because people want them. They are that little nudge that could entice or encourage action when a prospect may be hesitating or choosing between options. Pretty simple.

The newest?  Take a look at the latest offering— you can now buy Libera Passes – discount gift cards for DIVORCE (from a law firm) in Mexican supermarkets! Yup. Just like it sounds. Can buy for yourself, your soon-to-be-ex spouse, even for a friend to tell them that you care (or can’t stand their husband.) The promise is a simple 4-Step Divorce, with the gift card monies deducted when final papers are signed. You even have 30 days to decide to go through with it, apparently.

I can’t t tell whether I think this is brilliant marketing by the law firm to stake their claim in a legit corner of the market (which it is)… or really sad that it actually might work to push some people over the edge to quickly end a marriage. Guess that’s the beauty of promotions. They succeed or fail because people want them, or don’t. Freedom of choice.

Source: Springwise 5/2/12

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