Food Bank Challenge

Food Stamp ChallengeKudos to Mario Batali and others taking part in the Food Stamp Challenge issued by the Food Bank of New York City.

With budget cuts looming, the food stamp program used by some 45+ million people is in danger of some serious funding cutbacks. At a time when food prices continue to be high, and joblessness is affecting all socioeconomic groups, this cutback could not be coming at a more inopportune time.

So for one week, Challenge participants need to feed themselves on $1.48 per meal, the same per meal budget allocated to food stamp recipients. (For perspective, a pack of gum can easily cost more than $1.48.) Clearly, this challenge is not for those who will crumble under the strain of missing their ridiculous, customized, Starbucks concoction every morning.

I say, “Good luck!” to those standing up to Congress and making an attempt to be heard! So many depend on food stamps for one of life’s most basic necessities – food, it’s a Challenge well worth taking.

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