Don’t Wake Up In A Ditch

Direct TV campaignIn the advertising category of  “I may not remember you vs. your competition, but as long as these spots are funny I’ll keep paying attention,” I’d like to say I am becoming a fan of the latest DirectTV campaign. Elaborate storytelling; edgy, possibly divisive humor, and even a judicious dose of Charlie Sheen, add up to what I can imagine is a campaign with real legs.

Kudos to the folks behind the spots for getting in a product benefit upfront (When you have cable and can’t find something good to watch you get depressed…) and then spending the bulk of the :30 filling the screen with wonderful details, locations, propping, and extras. It’s those details that make the jokes really sing, and reward repeat viewings as well. From the vest ensemble our hapless hero has chosen for his Vegas entrance, to the admiring glance the attractive woman gives him as he steps from his limo, all of these little moments give these spots a film-like quality, and that’s a lot to pull off.

So, well-done and keep these spots coming. Now, what is DirectTV exactly?

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