To Catch a Thief via Social Media.

Meet Nelson. Nelson worked on the Disney Wonder cruise ship but recently got into trouble when he allegedly stole an iPhone from a customer aboard the cruise. Nelson with this “new” iPhone began taking photos of himself, his girlfriend and co-workers. But thanks to Apple’s iCloud, these photos began showing up on the victim’s photostream and thus the alleged thief has been caught in the act and on camera.

The victim published an album entitled “Stolen iPhone Adventures” on facebook with very funny commentary about Nelson and his exploits with the stolen iPhone. After being shared over 18,500 times and causing somewhat of a social media flurry, the photos helped crack the case. The result? The phone has been successfully recovered aboard the Disney Wonder. And Nelson? Because the boat is still out to sea, Nelson has been placed on administrative leave and restricted to areas sans passengers. You can bet the only photo he will be posing for soon is his mug shot!

The Reality Check? Social Media is a powerful tool. It amplifies the voice of real consumers and their very real issues. And yes, it can even help catch a thief.

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