Really stuck on Band-Aids now!

Band-Aid ARI’m fascinated by Augmented Reality (AR), as I’ve seen a number of pretty creative uses of the technology. Many have been event-based, or stunts with limited reach, but strong buzz factor. However I think J&J has nailed it for the best use of AR I have seen for branding purposes, activating in a way that’s not only fun for their targeted users, but uniquely branded, AND most importantly, truly motivates purchase.

Enter Band-Aid brand bandages that feature Muppets characters, and that when scanned by an iPad or free iPhone app, bring the characters to life!  Not only do Kermit, Miss Piggy, and friends animate, but kids can move or shake the screen to control the action of the characters. Brilliant! Who’s going to worry about their boo-boo when they can play with the Muppets? And what an ingenious way to stand out from the other character-based bandages on the shelf. A true PRODUCT BASED reason to buy the brand, without a lowly coupon bribe.

That’s what I call added value. Kudos to J&J.

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