Nothing Bedder to Invent?

OK, really? This is what we have been reduced to? No wonder we’re an “obese” society with inventions like these!

Meet Ohea: The smart bed is a bed that “makes itself.”

OK, for someone who physically can’t make a bed, like the elderly or disabled, I could see a market for this product. But for the majority of people (and the market that they are using to demo this ridiculous item), the 20 seconds it takes to lean over and straighten up a bed make it hard for me to fathom why there is a need for this.

And to add insult to injury, Ohea’s website lists these 4 reasons why you might want to purchase this bed:

Reason 1: You can forget about making your bed every day. (Ok, I’ll give them that…)

Reason 2: No more low back pain or backaches. (No more low back pains? Seriously? What company could make a claim like that and get away with it?)

Reason 3: Your bedroom will always be presentable without any effort. (Have you ever seen a teenager’s bedroom? The bed is the least of my worry when it comes to being presentable).

Reason 4: You’ll never again argue with your mate or children. (That is so hysterical, I can’t even comment).

I guess there is a market for everything. But this just borders on the ridiculous. Why not market it for legitimate purposes and do some good?

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