Recipe for Success… But How Did It Know?

Technology and marketing have long been great companions. But this time, the marriage allowed the most basic of strategies — a simple recipe campaign — to work even harder.

A campaign for Hellmann’s mayonnaise in Brazil actually included the printing of TOTALLY customized recipes on customer’s grocery store receipts. (Now personalized recipes have been delivered to consumers in the past both online and offline. But right in store while I am shopping?) How?

Custom software was installed in over one hundred cash registers in a major supermarket chain, and when the shopper checked out after buying Hellmann’s (and other ingredients), she got a recipe using Hellmann’s and some of those ingredients in her bag. The customized recipes boosted the Mayonnaise giant’s sales by 44%! Again, WOW!

Having worked on Hellmann’s here in the US for over 9 years, I know how important a not-just-for-sandwiches recipe strategy is for them. So this technological capability couldn’t have been more perfect. (And for someone who loves to cook and is always trying to figure out something new to make at the last minute, it’s an even better idea—Make it with Hellmann’s? Who knew?)

Another GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) WINNER!

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