Why is this news?

Tony the Tiger bagCall me jaded. But why all the marketing press about this new Kellogg’s Family Rewards loyalty program? Really? Multi-brand loyalty effort. OK. Unique codes printed in the boxes. Ooooo. Redeem for rewards — online, even on your phone. Shazowy, that’s innovative.

But the real OMG comes in with the fact that I, too, can redeem 2,000 points to get a vintage Tony the Tiger Recyclable Shopping Bag! (not new, mind you, but awwwthentic vintage! Although not so sure recyclable shopping bags have been around long enough to be vintage, but whatever), or 8,000 points for a subscription to Redbook, 10,000 points for a soccer ball, or 10,100 for salt & pepper shakers. (and having been there 30 years ago on Kool-Aid, I know the deep thinking that went into “pricing” each item. Hmmm 10,100 points or 10,200? Oh dear, what shall we do? Run an analysis, QUICK!)

Are you kidding me? This was our Kool Aid Wacky Warehouse from the ’80’s (minus the nifty-keeno ability to use the computer or phone.) Everyone from Post Cereals to General Mills to Campbell’s to Hershey’s has done the same thing. Not saying that in this economy loyalty efforts may not be an appropriate tactic. But this thing has been all over the press like it’s the Second Coming.

Are we that hard up for innovators and innovative news? Or is it just that everything old is new again?

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