Mini Minis Worth Gold

Mini Cooper at OlympicsWatching the Olympics daily? Did you catch Sunday’s (6/5) Track & Field competition from the Olympic Stadium? You may not have noticed a little action behind some spectacular events, (including Usein Bolt’s 2nd Olympic Gold in 100 m race), but there it was – apparently a little Mini Cooper chugging along in the background, over and over, in the middle of the field. What was that all about? I absolutely had to Google it and here’s what I found out… BMW provided the Games with some R/C, quarter-size Mini Coopers to haul javelins, hammers and shots back to athletes! They are pefectly “green”, battery-powered models that can run for up to 35 minutes on a single charge— and even have working headlights! Wonder if there’s room for a standalone Olympic promo awards? Well, regardless, I think we have a winner!


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