P&G Wins Gold at the Olympics!

After watching the multiple executions of the P&G Thank You Mom advertising campaign on the Olympics, I just have to say that it is brilliant. Every commercial within the pool tugs at the heart strings by giving the viewer a unique perspective on the Olympic athletes through the eyes of their moms.

As stated in the P&G press release: We know from talking to moms of Olympians, that even though their children have grown into world-class athletes, they will always see them as little kids. This insight serves as the inspiration behind our “Kids” spot, which we’re proud to unveil, as the world is turning its attention to the athletes of London 2012.

Procter & Gamble makes products that targets Moms. This is a brilliant way to speak to Mom by recognizing a key benefit–that they have the hardest job but also the best job.

Thank you, Mom!

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