Weddings to Go. Really?

Mobile Wedding WagonOkay, most of us are familiar with mobile food trucks, flower trucks, ice cream trucks, and even cigar trucks. But the latest truck I’ve run across is a “Mobile Matrimony” truck where you can get “betrothed in the back of a truck.”

Of course this truck has started up in Las Vegas, where there is apparently a dire need of really fast weddings (and divorces). They promise to have your blissful ceremony over and done with in about 15 minutes, either in the truck, on the sidewalk, or near some of the famous Las Vegas landmarks of your choosing. Sounds like fun to me… NOT! I guess there is a need for it— they boast that you and your bride may be too drunk to get to a chapel, so they can come to you instead. Pretty scary that people actually do this.

GWH W.T.F. (Winners, Toss-Ups, or Flops) Award?  I give it a great big F for flop!

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