Calling All Taxis

ZabCabNo matter how many daily routines have been made easier with advances in the digital age, it’s ironic how some seem to never change, like the frustration of waiting forever to get a cab in NYC. Well now, even that might change. Flatiron Apps just created ZabCab, an app that allows the customer to hail a cab with their Smartphone. All you have to do it press the “Hail” button and it alerts every cab within a 4-block radius, as long as those cabs have the ZabCab receiver. I would imagine this would pretty be useful if you’re in the outskirts of town or if it’s late at night when cabs are harder to find.

Although I don’t use taxis all that much, I’d be willing to give this a try just for the novelty if it. (Maybe just to see if I can outsmart the guy who pushes past me and runs into the middle of the street with the louder, more obnoxious, cab-hailing voice!)



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