Don’t let the Door hit you on the way Out.

Email marketing is a great tool to target your audience with specific messaging presuming that they “subscribed” or allowed you to send them emails. Permission marketing is just that –having consumers ASK to be conversed with. Too often I have seen emails being more mass e-mailed than targeted AND without permission.

After receiving several e-blasts from a stationary printing company for a few weeks now (unsolicited I might add), there were just way too many of them clogging up my inbox and so I decided to “unsubscribe”.  What I got was a message apologizing that I didn’t like their emails with an offer for 25% off my first purchase.

Hmmm…why wouldn’t they have offered me an incentive upon receiving their emails that I get only when exiting? Of course, I know the answer but wouldn’t it have been better to grab my attention when I first opened the initial eblast, win me as a customer with that strong offer and not try to woo me on my way out?

That only mad me mad to see I was worth more to this company on my way out then on my way in. I give this an F (flop) for the GWH! W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Awards. What do you think?


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