Creative Recycling

The UK-based Studio Swine has come up with a green, yet artistic and cool way to use recycled plastic waste entirely from the sea.

Our oceans are filled with plastic waste, and contain some 100 million tons of plastic according The United Nation’s estimate. As our society’s consumption grows, the concentration of plastic increases.

Studio Swine and some other designers have invented a device called “The Nurdler,” that can collect man-made garbage from the sea, separate plastic from the other materials collected, filter it, and then melt it down using the organic seaweed that was also collected and transformed into biofuel. (Really?)

“The stool has been made with simple moulds and tools that would enable production at sea, the chair is tagged recording to its geographical coordinates and production number.”

To me it’s a great, creative idea that is helping clean up this mess that we’ve all contributed to and will help our planet and wildlife.

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