The whole truth and nothing but the truth…

What really gets my creativity juices going is when I see it used in a way that really improves a condition or makes something better. So this one did the trick: Check out Super PAC,  the new app that shows TV viewers who paid for a political ad plus more!

Using a technology like the one that powers Shazam, you simply hold your phone up to the TV and presto — you see who paid for it, how fact-based the claims made are reputed to be and how others have rated the spot (on a Love/Fair/Fishy/Fail scale).


Knowing how much I detest the media bombardment that is about take place over the next 10 weeks, I am downloading this app right now! Hope it will provide some semblance of transparency in all the rhetoric that is about to rain down on us all…



Source: 8/29 Springwise

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