Snob Appeal

You can’t grow up in Fairfield County Connecticut without realizing that there are quite a few wealthy people here. Two current TV spots from New Country Audi of Greenwich show that reality in the most cringe-inducing fashion I have ever witnessed. In the first, a young man (Hey there Mr. Ivy league) is challenged by his father to a game of squash (in their indoor squash court naturally). Father and son play a game, son wins, gets to drive off in a $210,000 car.

The second spot┬ácompares the teamwork you’ll find at the dealership to the teamwork we can all relate to as a family sails their yacht together (who can’t relate to that?). Look, I understand, it’s a luxury car sold in a luxury town. Full disclosure, I own an Audi that I purchased at this very dealership as a used car 11 years ago, and I still love this car. But these spots to me are a visual representation of something that was always nagging at me whenever I dealt with their service department, but I could never quite put my finger on until now. I don’t own a yacht or a squash court, and they totally know it.

I see these spots when I’m watching the Mets games. Sort of a blue-collar audience I would imagine. My advice to New Country Audi: show me your cars, show me your dealership, and spare me the visuals of who you think should buy your car. Those rich people in Greenwich? They already know that they’re rich. You sell good cars, I’d try casting a wider net for your customers.

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