Jolly Well Done

Las Vegas Code of ConductBy now we are know about Prince Harry and his recent trip to Las Vegas.  While Harry’s shenanigans might have caused the Royal Family to go into damage control it provided the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority with the chance to spin the story in a way only Vegas could pull off.

Within a matter of days, the tourism board posted this playful poster on their Facebook and Twitter pages and, it was displayed in the airport as well. The Vegas version of the poster, which is an adaptation of the often copied/modified WWII era posters, includes the Vegas logo as well as reference to the current Vegas Campaign – Know the Code.

The Know the Code campaign is all about respecting “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”  In other words, don’t blab compromising details about your trip to Vegas via social media or photo sharing outlets.

Not only do I love how quickly the tourism board responded to this story but they did it in a way that didn’t disparage poor Harry and most importantly, they did it in a manner spot on with their entire messaging strategy.

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