Go Daddy Gone Mild?

Go DaddyI was thumbing through the latest issue of Wired Magazine, about to skip over a very ordinary looking ad, when I noticed the headline “Meet the Go Daddy you may not know.”

For years, Go Daddy has always been near the top of my list of TV spots that are so blatantly distracting that you forget what they’re advertising. But this little ad capitalized on this exact phenomenon, i.e. “We’ve spent years getting your attention. Now meet the Go Daddy you didn’t expect: Customer oriented, user-friendly, and serious about tech.”

Now, I’m not sure  whether Go Daddy finally owned up to the fact that getting our attention was the only thing those spots ever did, period — and have finally realized they need to communicate what their company actually does. Or else, they’ve been true visionaries who had this new softer roll out planned from the beginning. (Right.) Regardless, they got me to read the entire ad this time, and learn about what they actually do for once. ‘Bout time.



Sources: Wired Magazine; September 2012 Issue

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