Sliding Down a Slippery Pole for Kids.

Typically I am all for any form of exercise for today’s youth. But this form of exercise definitely gave me reason to pause. A dance and fitness studio in British Columbia, Canada is offering a “Little Spinners” Class. In short, the class teaches young girls the basics of aerobic pole dancing, focusing on agility and athletics, not the other activities you might think of of when you read the words pole dancing.

I can imagine there is a decent amount of flexibility and athleticism involved with pole dancing so it certainly can be considered a viable form of exercise. That said, with all the natural places one’s mind goes to when they think of pole dancing, I can’t imagine I would be overly thrilled to have a young daughter enrolled in the class.  How hard would it be to expand the class teachings (and name) just a step or two beyond pole dancing so the focus of the class isn’t just pole dancing?

I love the idea of getting kids active but the focus and name of this class doesn’t work for me.

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