When To Stop

Nissan TV adHere’s another TV spot that gets its point across clearly, and makes me smile every time I see it. This :30 for the Nissan Altima Tire Pressure Notification System is intriguing on first viewing (what is going on here exactly?) and the payoff is so clean and simple that it doesn’t insult you by trying to explain the connection.

“Now you’ll know when to stop…” is all we need to know, and every time I see the spot again I appreciate more nuances in both the actor’s expressions and the little details around him. Great casting job as well — he’s distinctive, vaguely familiar, nice-looking but still somewhat goofy. He and the editing are what make this simple spot so memorable.

I only wish that when I went to find it on YouTube I could remember that it was for Nissan and not Toyota. I blame that confusion on the generic styling from both manufacturers. Hmmm, isn’t that was advertising is supposed to be about?

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