Not So Green Afterall

Restoration Hardware CatalogLast week I received a copy of Restoration Hardware’s Source Book — RH issues it two times per year. Weighing in at well over five pounds this Source Book is more like the old yellow pages than a catalog. My initial reaction to the size of this thing was what a waste of natural resources. My initial reaction was then intensified when I pulled the catalog out of the plastic wrapper to find that it is actually two separate catalogs accompanied by a flyer with the headline that reads – GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK. (Green, as in environmentally responsible.)

That’s right, Restoration Hardware is touting their support of sustainable forest management by using paper sourced from some sustainable certified forest. But at 844 pages of catalog stuff, plus two covers and a separate flyer, I find this “Green Support” absolutely laughable. If they really do support the environment why not just send a post card directing customers to their website?  That would use a lot less paper and other associated resources.

I commend RH on sending out a catalog only two times per year vs. the 102 that some other retailers do. That is a good thing. However, this goodness is offset by the absurd size of what they actually do send out and the not-so-believable claim to be environmentally friendly.  To me, this is a total GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award FLOP.

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