Well-placed indeed!

The Honey Boo Boo Fridge?I wouldn’t normally feel compelled to weigh in on The Honey Boo Boo phenomenon. I think it’s all been pretty well exposed by the media as yet another tediously unwatchable example of a certain segment of the population playing up their own negative stereotypes for the enjoyment of an equally obnoxious group of people who like feeling superior to that aforementioned group of people.

What I would like to add to the discussion, however, is what I saw when I clicked on a link for a clip from the program. This is an ad that preceded that clip for the KitchenAid® Preserva® Food Care System; a system that “features sequential dual evaporators that create ideal humidity levels and temperature settings to keep your food at its freshest, longer.” I strongly believe that no one should watch a single second of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo without first watching this ad.

Clearly targeted at the typical Honey Boo Boo viewer more than say, the typical Honey Boo Boo neighbor; one can’t help but marvel at what “Sequential Dual Evaporators” would do to help preserve the freshness of the pork rinds that no doubt fill the spaces of The Boo Boo’s refrigerator (if that is their real name) otherwise taken up by the salmon and fresh produce of this particular refrigerator. If the Boo Boo family has this much fresh produce, they are keeping it a secret from their camera crew. Knowing what I know about “Reality TV”, as well as what these people are being paid, that would not surprise me in the least.

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