Really Jello? Did you have to go for yucks?

I helped launch Jello Pudding Snacks. Yup, me as the client at old General Foods, and Mr Cosby and the GW Hoffman agency at the time (among others). One of my proudest launches. Which is why I cringe to see it turn to a “Competitive Eating”/ How-Fast-Can-You? Jello Pudding Prix campaign for attention and yucks. (However, double entendre here IS intended.)

I happen to find the whole Competitive Eating genre disgusting. Gluttonous, wasteful, unheathy, fostering horrid habits, and frankly just plain gross. So now et tu Jello? OK, I get it. Get kids (or other goofs) to power through tons of cups to perfect a faster and faster record. Yup- volume. But really? Is this what the brand Jello Pudding has come to be about — speed eating?

Attention- getting today is tough. Getting people to DO stuff is tough today. But this campaign simply makes me sad.

GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Award FLOP– and I don’t care how many fans it gets on Facebook.

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