FedEx, Facebook and Funny? Who’d have thought?

FedEx Jingle MakerWish all clients could be as fun as FedEx. (What did I say?) Yes, FedEx, and their new campaign promoting a facebook app available for any business to create a funny jingle (with the intended result of poking fun at jingles, of course). Customers insert their company’s name and phone number and pick a music genre. They can play around in a cheesy-looking recording studio from the Eighties/Nineties with background sounds from a recording studio and can even add groupies. The customized jingle is created, the song revealed, and your company’s name inserted. FedEx’s message at the end — “FedEx Office: There are better ways to promote your business.”

I tried one. Pretty hysterical, very clever. Way to go FedEx!




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