Language is Life

Language guides and courses aimed at the tourist abroad are usually pretty dry stuff. Learning how to say “Please”; “Thank you”; “Morning”; “Evening”; and a few food names represents a very cursory means to navigate a culture.

But, the travel itself is exciting — new sights, sounds, flavors, and possibilities. So how to communicate the power that words have to open the door to the most real experiences?

Enter EF International Language Centers and their wonderful campaign of ads — each tied to a specific city and featuring a 20-something casual traveler or student — that more than brings the traditional language translation guide to life.

The same musical background accompanies each ad, but there is no narration. The whimsical stories are told solely through action and typography, as the words to be learned are displayed through a magical walkthrough of life abroad — encountering new foods, new friends, and in most ads, at least one romantic “spark.” Each ad ends with the evocation to “Live the Language.”

Although these ads are clearly not targeted to me, they sure make me want to go to some of these places. Or, maybe I just want to be “20-something” again. LOL. Either way, I think that the ads get their point across exceptionally well — that learning a language can go a long way towards enhancing a life experience.

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