Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Denim.

Glen Beck Clothing LineI imagine that many American shoppers have been lamenting the ever-dwindling presence of goods made in the USA in recent decades. I know I have. So, I was glad to hear that a new clothing line, 1791 Supply and Co., is trying to rectify that. Started by TV and radio host Glenn Beck, the company states that they are modeled after Newman’s Own, and donate all profits to charity while manufacturing their entire line of clothing in the United States. The name comes from the year the Bill Of Rights was ratified, not as many of you might suspect from the year that an ordinance was written barring the game of baseball within 80 yards of the Meeting House in Pittsway, Massachusetts (ya gotta love Wikipedia).

Mr. Beck has been a rather controversial figure in the media in the past few years. Hailed by many as a straight-talking patriot who wants to get America back to its former greatness, he is also mocked by others as somewhat of a nutcase who cries a little too much for a grown man. Whatever your feelings about him personally, it is nice to see someone trying to revive the American garment industry.

(As for me, I don’t wear much else on my legs besides jeans (Levi 501s) and I do wish they were made in this country.)

So it’s interesting to see that all denim jeans are currently sold-out on their website — could be due to overwhelming success or a poorly developed supply chain. Whichever the case, I would try on a pair, although jeans are funny things; a particular brand either fits you or it doesn’t. I notice in their promotional video that they are “putting  single mothers back to work in an effort to rebuild”, which strikes me as a rather typical Glenn Beck statement, in that I have absolutely no idea what he is talking about and it raises so many questions I don’t even know where to start.

But Made in The USA is a good thing, as is giving all profits to charity. I will keep an eye on the company and wish them the best.


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