Posting Post Mortem

If I Die AppOK, in honor of Halloween, maybe a post about the afterlife is appropriate? (or not)

So it seems, despite all the thousands of high tech gadgets at our fingertips to give us more control over work, leisure and our lives overall, none really allow us to control events after we die — until an Israeli startup called Willook had an interesting idea. Their new Facebook app called “If I Die” allows you to send a video or text message, which will be automatically posted to your wall once you pass away.

Okay— sounds practical, perhaps, but in the age when the security of pin numbers, passwords and bank account information are being compromised by the minute, it makes me wonder if a special post-mortem message about a long-kept secret or an old score you wanted to settle gets released prior to its “time,” it might cause quite a stir.

But on the flip side, I’m sure a plethora of online florists and greeting card companies will be more than excited to fill the latest banner ad space once the next unexpecting soul passes on to the next Virtual World.

Efficient or ghoulish?



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