Now THAT’S Responsive Marketing!

Duracell Rapid ResponderWay to go, Duracell! Hope everyone saw this fantastic example of bringing a brand to life in Real Life! Duracell had created a *Power Forward Community Center* apparently two years ago and a more agile *Rapid Responder* four-by-four truck add-on just this year. (Who knew?) But putting them into action after Hurricane Sandy was a phenomenal example of not only quick response, but a dead-on strategic approach to brand activation. Now, I know some marketers try to capitalize (and often in bad taste) on times like this. But Duracell was a primo example of how to do it right.

From charging stations to free batteries for critical household devices, Duracell was in lower Manhattan when needed. According to their spokesman, the brand is about “Empowering people through devices; connecting their families.” Well haven’t they just done that in spades!

There is no doubt that this initiative gets a resounding WINNER designation in our GWH W.T.F.(Winner, Toss-Up or Flop) Awards! Hey Duracell, can we join your team?

Source: AdAge 11/1/12

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