This Cookie’s Not Crumbling

Oreo 100th Anniversary FinaleWho doesn’t love Oreo cookies? Or their advertising? For years Oreo has pulled at consumers’ heartstrings in just the right way to keep their mantle as America’s Favorite Cookie. But a recent innovative effort relied on consumers to help them come up with a new ad, live and on the spot, in 1 day and at Times Square.

This year was their 100th Anniversary  and included things like “The Daily Twist,”  a very creative Facebook campaign using fun visuals that used the cookie in creative tied to current events to engage their 28MM+ Facebook fans . And finally last month, as a way to put an exclamation point on the end of the 100-day effort, the brand staged a live 1-day ad-creation stunt in Times Square. Consumers were asked for concepts,  submitted in person or via Social Media, that were then exposed to a collaborative team of Brand Managers, agency Creatives, lawyers and others to be selected as THE CONCEPT— the result? An ad created on the spot.

The final ad? A *high five* embedded in the cookie to congratulate the brand on its success. Nice going Kraft (Monelez?) – the combination of strong creative, good use of Social, and a live event that garnered lots of press, should keep Oreo at the head of the table where they belong! This gets a GWHoffman W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up of Flop?) Award WINNER all the way!

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