Creative Recycling: What a BOGO!

DIY FurnitureI love hearing about companies that are doing clever recycling. I think it’s so important and most of the time it’s very creative! Check this out: Singapore-based furniture retailer “DIY Living” has started designing small pieces of furniture that can be assembled from their corrugated shipping packaging, and reused instead of going straight to the dump.

How? Customers purchase a piece of DIY furniture, like a chair, desk, mini wardrobe, etc. The furniture is shipped in a corrugated box. However, the box has a life of its own! “Specifically, printed instructions are included to guide buyers who have unpacked their furniture, through the folding necessary to turn the packaging into functional items such as coffee tables, foot stools or lamp shades.” Now I think that is just very cool and clever. Watch the video and see for yourself.



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