Pocket Like It’s Hot

Hot Pockets VideoHaving worked on food product marketing for more than a few years, I’ve often thought about leveraging celebrity endorsement by someone who actually liked and consumed our product. It looks like Nestle’s Hot Pockets brand has recently hit the jackpot with that strategy, and leveraged it to the hilt with Social Media

Hot Pockets has been successful over the years targeting a teen/young adult audience, especially lately to 600,000+ Facebook fans. But they really started taking off with their “Pocket Like It’s Hot” music video from rapper Snoop Dogg , with 4MM+ views in it’s first 3 weeks!!  And to generate even more buzz, the comedian director Judah Friedlander’s “making of” video extends the association even further. The fact that both Snoop and Judah claim to eat the product makes both videos feel more sincere. Not to mention they’re fun and perfectly appealing to their target.

Nice job Nestle! Hey, competing hot handheld snacks — beware of the double GG!

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