It’s Almost Thanksgiving! Or…”Gray Thursday”?

Really Father Time, it’s already Thanksgiving?

Well, guess who isn’t complaining this year? The big retailer giants; the “Walmarts” of the world. Why not? Because Turkey Day 2012 means one thing for the big boys: opening their doors to Black Friday shoppers even earlier than they did in 2011.

So early that they’re opening on Thanksgiving Day itself. Again. Earlier.

The retailers decree that the motivation to open earlier stems from express consumer demand to “hunt (for) and gather” discounts, and as early as possible. And in this economy, they’re probably right.

For a list of national retailers, and their hours on “Gray Thursday”, as they’re calling it, and Black Friday, head here.

REALITY CHECK: Some shoppers do want to be in stores on Thanksgiving Day. But, where’s the boundary? To compete with one another, the retailers open earlier and earlier each year.

Does it sully this American holiday to shop and work, and not take the day off, in full, to just focus on spending time with family and friends? Has Thanksgiving lost to consumerism?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like…”…THAT.

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