LinkedIn Goes Global

Are you on LinkedIn? Well, if not, you should know that 180 million of your closest friends from over 200 countries around the world are. It’s an unparalleled resource for professionals looking to network, prospect, find jobs, offer jobs, share best practices, endorse one another…among other things.

But with all its success, LinkedIn is still relatively untapped from a global perspective. What’s missing? Just ask the CEO, Jeff Weiner.

His plan for the future is to go global by, “mapping out the underpinning of the global economy.” If this sounds like quite the feat, that’s probably because it is. The goal is to garner profiles from every job in the world to the social medium, and ultimately map out skill sets by geographical region.

With this information, Weiner explains that we will then understand how these skill sets differ from country to country, which under normal circumstances, don’t necessarily translate. An HR manager in Shanghai interviewing candidates from Berlin may not be able to fully grasp the nuances of what is expected from jobs back in Europe, due to language and cultural barriers, for instance.

We say, kudos to LinkedIn for focusing effort on this route.  It really speaks to the global power of social media, being put to good use. It doesn’t have to just be about tagging pictures of your pets in Halloween costumes. Social media can affect real change.

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