Naughty or Nice?

Urban Outfitters is definitely skating onto the naughty list this year with their obscenity gifts being offered by this retailer which are really p—–g off parents but good.

Urban Outfitters is trying to be edgy and appeal to Gen Y with plenty of shock value by offering items that blatantly spell out all the nasty curse words such as: an $18 “Let’s f—— reminisce” book, a $16 “It was all f—— awesome” photo album and a $24 candle that uses the f-word in the form of the iconic LOVE sculpture. And, you can wrap it all up with wrapping paper that spells out BITCH a million times. Now, who wouldn’t want to get that gift?

The parents that I have talked with are irate about this and plan to boycott Urban Outfitters for their teens/tweens Christmas gifts this year. “They have really gone over the edge,” said one parent. “My fourteen year-old loves their clothes but they have gone too far with their profanity-laced gifts which are spelled out and prominately featured in their holiday catalogue. I threw it in the trash where it belongs.”

Urban Outfitters is on the American Family Association’s One Million Moms division hit list as a repeat offender but their efforts to appeal to Urban Outfitters to clean it up are not working.

Urban Outfitters always goes for the shock value and this isn’t anything new for them. In April, they featured two girls kissing in one of their catalogues which had parents up in arms. While Moms may not like it, Urban Outfitters continues to be a hit with the teen/tween consumer who appear to like their edginess and cool factor.

Time will tell if those obscenity gifts will be a HIT this holiday season. Whatever happened to just giving coal to someone who was naughty? What do you think– naughty or nice?

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