Are You Just Noise?

Ideally, no. But a lot of brands rely on doing the same old thing, maybe because it’s worked already, or maybe because it’s easy. Either way,┬áit just adds to the clutter that is the media universe.

Jason Sadler challenges brands to take risks. Heard of him? In 2009, the social media guru wore a t-shirt each day promoting a different brand, turning himself into a “walking billboard”. He gained so much exposure that he spun the stunt into a legit business, IWearYourShirt. It’s sort of a, street marketing meets social media meets advertising, type deal. Employees walk the streets wearing your brand’s t-shirt, which makes for digital (sometimes viral) content and brand exposure.

Now, in 2012, Sadler’s back at it with a new campaign to…sell his last name. Sorry Mom and Dad! Companies can bid on until December 31st at Midnight to offer their submission for Sadler’s new surname. And on January 1st, he’ll make the change official across everything from his driver’s license and passport, to social media profiles.

This takes “out of the box” thinking to a whole new level; it’s untamed. But that’s exactly what Mr. Sadler is going for. In his own words, he explains, “I’ve build my company around the idea that marketing doesn’t have to be boring or impersonal”. At GWH, we subscribe to the same thinking.

REALITY CHECK: Marketing’s about connecting with real people. While sometimes the tride and true tactics work well, we should take a cue from Jason (Samsung? Starbucks??) and make some dicey moves every now and then.

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