Are you more?

GWH MarketingCould not think of a more appropriate sentiment to begin a new year than that expressed by one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin. He asks quite simply, if you have made progress over the course of the year, in ways that matter. Tough question. And the tough responses that are more qualitative and subjective are likely the more valuable.

While 2012 was certainly far from an easy year, I can honestly say that I am so proud of my GWH Team and we we “stand” today vs 1 year ago. New skills, assets, and triumphs, better clarity on the kind of shop we want to be, and even greater camaraderie achieved by sharing adversity. I am pleased with where we “stand” today… and look forward to the inventory I will take 1 year from now.

New Year, here we come.




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