A Tale Of Two Tables

TV Spots with KidsWhen it comes to Guy-In-A-Suit-Talking-To-Precocious-Kids-At-A-Table TV spots, some new ads from AT&T have definitely one-upped a previous campaign from Ally Bank, at least as far as the level of precociousness goes.

Viewers seem to love the AT&T spots: “Grandma” and “Dizzy” are charming enough I suppose, but I personally find these children a little too cute by half. They contrast in an interesting way with an older campaign from Ally bank that uses the same basic setup, but allows the kids to be a bit more natural, while the actor’s humorous antagonism brings out some great, real reactions in the kids.

I imagine the children in the AT&T spots are being cast for maximum adorableness, but there’s a little too much Reality TV Star style to their performance for this cynic. I hope none of them get real ponies.

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